My UX/UI Weekend

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a workshop UX / UI Design for Mobile app. In renowned digital school in Lisbon.

It was really great, get to know the methodologies and best practices to design a mobile app. Because drawing an app for mobile is very different to a  designing a website.
Over the next days, I will share with you some of that knowledge I have acquired and share to the exercise that I did.


Some points to remember:
– The idea is critical and we need to know the concept and who will be the audience for the app;
– Do mockups on paper. Yes, despite to seem a little old school, it is important to organize the ideas and have a basis for designing to digital;fotografia
– Make digital mockups:
and test … test over and over till is perfect;

Well for now is all .. Wait for my next posts!

In few words…What is it UX and UI Design?

Well…i should i begin? When i was a student in visual, i don’t remember the concept of UX and UI design. Maybe i had my head in the clouds, but sincerely this subjet was never be talked with depht. When i started to heard about that i became curious and make my own search to learn a little more about this area.

After some search, i realize that in my years as webdesigner,  I was already doing that job, this kind of analysis, but in a way more intuitive and base at common sense.

The wikipedia definition:

“User experience design (UXD or UED) is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product.”

In other words, User Experience is how the user feels when is using and interating with a system. It could be a app of a mobile device, a website, a desktop app or a software. Is the interation human-computer (HCI).


User Interface Design or UI Design,   it’s the way how the person interacts with and controls a device , software or application. This control can be done by buttons , menus and any element that provides an interaction between the device and the user.
A good UI design anticipates the user’s needs and ensures that the interface contains elements of easy access and use. It will provide what is called a user-friendly experience , that is, an experience that is friendly and does not cause the user frustration.
Example of UI Kit – From