How a little detail can be very frustrating.

Today when I was trying to access my online bank and I came across a very unpleasant situation and extremely unfriendly.Despite being a satisfied customer with the bank in this case, they let me very frustrated.

Here’s what happened: In the course of an account unblocking request, once you have entered the required data you have reached the final part to “accept” the access conditions. I clicked the checkbox and nothing happened … I could not tell if it was active or not. (another problem).I thought it was strange but I thought it was a browser problem … So I tried on IE, Chrome and Firefox and nothing has changed.

Screenshot_1I had to do call the helpline … I called and I was surprised with what they told me … Do you see the red link, more prominently … So I had to click first, and then “read” the conditions,  and then close the window and yes after that, the checkbox appeared Active.

Oh … I had to take 4 actions to continue the action. I complain the usability issue to the person who answered me. I also decided to share this “huge bug” of usability and leave here a solution, which maybe with luck, someone is kind enough to correct.

– Many steps to follow up on an action;
– There is no indication, nor message to the user that should do a series of actions;
– The checkbox drawing does not indicate that is inative;

– Create a tooltip or other type of message object to indicate what to do;

ux-bug– When entering this page should have the text of the conditions soon and of course the user had to “read” and go to the bottom of the page where you have the buttons to accept. (See Google example);
– Or Finally, but not the best, in the text thta already exists, indicate what should be done;
In the end I click in the “Ajuda”  button, that means “help” in Portuguese …
But without success, the message says:
“User Help”
There is no help for this page.
Close Help.
(Very funny)!!