UI / UX process App Design – Part I

After choosing the ideia, the following is a the list of features that app will have. We have to know that more features y have the app, more tests will be needed and more setbacks and arrangements will be needed to do.

In this case, for this app you have the following features:
– Possibility to choose a date of departure and arrival (days that you have to travel);
– Possibility to choose the value of the your budget to travel;
– With these parameters the app will search all the flights that fit the profile fitted;
– The results are displayed in ascending order (from the cheapest to most expensive);
– Ability to mark as favorite some flights. (if at the time the research was unable to decide / arrange the trip);
– Ability to display the destination city  on the map;
– Possibility to see more information about the city, across the map;
– Ability to schedule the flight, going directly from app to app or website of flights agency or company (easyjet, Momondo, edreams, Ryanair, etc …);

Having established these features, you need to make a draft of the workflow.
It is a scheme, a storyboard sequences of screens, with the indication of how the app works.

This is a outline of how the app would work.
After and before moving on to the computer, I like to draw by hand, the sketch of what I have in mind. Quickly with the pencil or the pen, I can lay out my ideas

The phase that follows is the simplest UI design of App screens. In my case i drew in Balsamiq Mockups, that could quickly lay out and plan all screens of the app.
Despite being almost black and white, with some appoitments of color, at this stage we can already notice what will works and what does not. At this stage it helps to structure the workflow and also helps us to build visually
the app itself. We have already at this stage have a perspective of what works in terms of size and positioning of buttons and usability. I can also understand if some elements are to little, or are in the right location or is missing visual elements to create a good user experience.

In this phase we can also do tests to people that are external to the project. The best way is to export all screens, and make a prototype in the various apps available in the market such as POP, Marvel or inVision.

Watch the demo: