Icon creation – Surprise Me app

In follow-up to the previous post on the UI design of an application for iPhone, i come now show you the result of my work for the icon of the app.

Develop an iconic symbol it not easy at all. The big issue is how compacted our idea and the concept of an app in few graphics.

I already had the idea and the next step was to transfer it to paper and after to vector.
I knew I had to include the aircraft element, since it is an app to find flights. I also knew that the element of surprise had to appear, because the main functionality of the app was to find flights, whatever they were, but within a budget and in the dates that had available to travel. In short words, plane and surprise were the keywords to wokr to .

Here’s the first sketch I did for the icon. I mad in the first paper that  I caught… a post-it. It began with a plane profile and external elements around him, the same idea used in cartoon.

fotografia (7)

I could represent the “surprise” in various ways, such as a box of surprises, a splash element as is used in cartoons … But I preferred graphically something similar and did remember exclamation points.

These elements of surprise, also remind movement, speed and dynamism. As should be the app.

With the idea of drawing, I started to desing in vector … I already had in mind what colors to use, they would be the same as used in the own app design.

I build mentally a color range;


From here i just to had merge harmonious colors and shapes within a square.

Up, down, right and left, the icon was taking shape, to get where I imagined. I also  thought tha was a good idea to create a lettering, besides an iconic symbol, to turn to some kind of logotype.

icon-process               icon-process-02

I used a simple, clean lettering, like i used for the app. Simple and straightforward.
And finally I finished Icon.

Here it is.


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