My creative process to create a logo or symbol


Despite not having much time lately, I am currently a creative process to create a logo and / or symbol to a application for mobile devices. And I can say that I love the process! I like it !!

Before you start scribbling, a lot goes through my head …

Step 1 – Create and choose the name! It is not easy! I know the importance of a name may have and know that sometimes the name can decide whether something will succeed or not. Points to consider: short names or frequent use, funny names or taken from expressions;

Step 2 – Find what exists in the market. Either by type of business or by the association to the name. For example if the name contains the word “frog” and is a business of “cars”, do a visual search of the two and find what exists in the market. From there I begin to create in my head a series of images and combinations that will give rise to one thousand ideas.



fotografia (6)Step 3 – Time to sketches . The best part is here. I’m old school, I need to have a pen handy to first make some sketches on paper, before moving on to the action. ok, I confess I also use my ipad …
These initial sketches are the base for a future log soon. In this stage  i see if the ideas may have legs to walk or not.

Step 4 – Make a selection. After a thousand and one scribbles you need to choose the best to transform to vector. What are the criteria of my choice? Well, in addition to my personal taste, the most important is to see whether the logo is suitable to the public or business that you will serve.

This requires some analysis, “see” through the eyes of others, and if you have time, leave standing for some time, later to return to work on it, with a coolest head.

fonts31Step 5  Start drawing digitally. After choosing candidates, comes the stage of passing them to vector. In the past i used the freehand , but Illustrator is my beloved choice to create any logo. In addition to designing forms, choose the colors, the lettering is sometimes not easy to choose. From thousands of fonts to our choice, the choice of font is as important as the symbol. So we need to be sensitive the appropriate choice for a logo.

Step 6 – Some of them die on the way. Any designer knows that not all the sketches result in vector and sometimes are left with few have quality to continue.

Step 7  Before finalizing the proposals should be to test the black and white and various backgrounds to assess their good adaptability.

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