Find the persona and you will find you public.


When you start woking or to study UX, you know that the persona analyze is process to know better the future user of your device.

In a simplified way, you have to take account of that audience was intended (public target) and creating a persona, that is a fictional character who will be the user model that will use our device.

Creating the persona you will find the common points, the strengths and the areas for improvement. Knowing that you be able to make an appropriate framework.

A persona is a role to be iinterpreted to see how we are seen by others. If each persona act differently in each environment, in the case of a device , we will se that he respond differently on different devices.

How to define a persona?

  • Who is your potential user (physical and psychological characteristics of the user)?
  • What kind of contents interested him on the device?
  • What are the tasks / most common activities he performs (both personally and professionally)?
  • What is your level of education? What are your challenges and obstacles?
  • What kind of information usually consume and by what means?


  • Faster and cheaper;
  • Easy to understand;
  • Easy to produce;
  • Help to create empathy for the user;


  • It’s not precise;
  • Based in suppositions;
  • The wrong guess, can compremise the design and architecture;

After doing this analysis you will have a good base of information about the user and the first step to start thinking about the architecture of the device.

Here a example of a Persona template and its completely free in:


Photo credits: Pixabay

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